How we work

  • Firstly - contact us by phone or by email.
  • We always first want to hear from you if you have idea what you want.
  • If so we can talk about requirements and arrange first cleaning.
  • If no, we can give you help in decision or meet and see what we can do for you to maintain your home cleanliness.
  • Every customer is different so we treat different everyone's. However we are giving our heart for everyone's.

Important informations about our cleaners.

For your peace of mind, all our domestic cleaners are all fully vetted, ID checked, address checked and interviewed. ( Public Liability Insurance) All cleaning staff provide us with 2 written references before they can work with us.

We are fully insured against accidental damage and public liability giving you complete peace of mind.

Our cleaners use your cleaning materials and equipment. This ensures that your preferred products are used and also helps us keep our costs and charges down.

Your domestic cleaning can be as flexible as you want it to be - you can specify the work to be done each time or you can have the cleaner stick to a routine. The time and day of the cleaning is also arranged to suit you.

At your request we can provide you with a replacement cleaner if your cleaner is on holiday or unable to work through illness.

We can also replace your cleaner permanently at any time if you are not entirely satisfied.  

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