Regular weekly or fortnight cleaning 10 £ per hour
Not regular cleaning 12 £ per hour
Moving in/out cleaning 13 £ per hour
Deep cleaning (spring/summer cleaning) 13 £ per hour
First class Ironing Can be added in time of cleaning or 13 £ per hour if only
Commercial cleaning (office/shop/restaurant/bar/nursery) dependent upon the services / personal contact required

Terms and Conditions

We only accept payment in the form of payments to a bank account. After ordering the service, each customer will receive an email with all the relevant information such as your cleaner required data, confirmation of the date and time of appointment, the necessary information on booking dismissal and all payment information.

Typically, please make payments on a weekly basis when the service will be made. In situations cleaning every two weeks will be the expected payment of the same system as the cleaning. The same situation will look at monthly cleaning.

Each customer will be responsible for supplying home in cleaning products.

We expect that the customer has defined the requirements for accessing the property during work cleaner. If the customer will be at home during their work as cleaners, or the agency receives the keys and the cleaner will perform the work during the absence of the owner.  

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